I first met Luke when he was working at Maze in the One & Only Cape Town. My immediate impression of him was that he showed a very mature attitude in his approach to cooking and his obvious talent was very evident in the dishes he produced.


As I got to know Luke I realized that, like myself, he was also trained at the Mount Nelson Hotel and I knew that straight away he had the potential to be an amazing chef.

Luke joined me at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai that same year and took the helm of our signature restaurant Ossiano as Chef de Cuisine.


His calm demeanor and fantastic approach to cooking was evident from the onset and it was obvious that Luke was going to be an inspirational leader to his team. Luke continued to do amazing things at Ossiano which saw him win multiple awards and accolades during his tenure. 

My time working with Luke was relatively short as I moved on to a role here in Australia but I can honestly say that he is one of the most impressive and professional individuals I have ever met. 

Luke's technical skill is immense and the way he thinks about food and then translates those thoughts into a dish is a rare skill that not many chefs his age can achieve.


Luke's drive and dedication to do well in everything he does will certainly see him succeed in his new venture and I wish him all the best in starting his new company.


- Grant Murray Director of Culinary, Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast, Australia





I have been working with Chef Luke for 3 years, the first word that comes to my mind for Luke is: Passion.Passion for the products, passion for the farmers, passion for the country.


It is very rare to meet some young Chefs who want to learn and know more about products from different origins.The direct consequence of his passion is the outstanding result on your plate. The products are respected, well combined and perfectly executed for a result that sublimes you.


The second and third words that come to my mind are patience and constituency. Patience to follow the season, constituency over the year on Luke's menu.


These are the small secrets of his success.Luke is a Chef who is, which is not easy at all, above the market on his outstanding restaurant. In a such an environment, the expectations are high and Luke is always above them.


- Gilles Perrin - Director of Culinary, Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai





I have worked closely with Luke over 3 years from 2012 To 2014 at the Atlantis the palm Dubai. As a person he's very reliable, outgoing, easy to relate to yet serious when it's business. He's approachable and a great leader, very comfortable in front  of people and that's why he was loved by his customers and colleagues.


As a Chef, I would say, one of the best Chefs I have worked with. Very knowledgeable about the food industry,  quality driven, creative and determined to produce the best dish every time.


He's focused and knows what he wants to achieve for his restaurant and team. You could see his determination in training staff, mentoring young chefs, working hard to win competitions and to wow guests who enjoyed his food. Ossiano the seafood restaurant he was in charge  of at the Atlantis at that time, won the best Seafood Restaurant title 3 years consecutively while on his leadership. I'm  more than confident that anything Luke puts his head to will succeed beyond expectation. He has all the qualities and character needed  for a successful business.


He has never failed to deliver once during the time I have worked with him and I would gladly work with him again anytime.


- Sascha Trimier - Vice President, Culinary - Atlantis The Palm, Dubai









We were confronted with the challenge of opening a cafe/coffee shop within an upmarket setting of a Classic Car Showroom, on the busy Bree Street within the Cape Town Cbd.


We are not from the hospitality industry, and had no previous experience with running or owning a restaurant. We needed a Chef consultant with a good solid background to advise and guide us through this process. We were fortunate enough to be introduced to Luke.


After many mouth watering discussions Luke had a better of idea of the sort of menu we would like to offer at Dapper Coffee Co.  


Once we had decided on the menu and general type of food we would be offering, Luke then assisted us with the purchasing of all the kitchen appliances and equipment, cooking utensils etc, and gave advice to the architect on the layout of the kitchen which was being built.


He created all the dishes, trained our head Chef  and her assistants and guided them on the presentation. Every ingredient in every dish was costed and sourced from the best suppliers. Luke presented me with these lists and spreadsheets and the final menu.


The advice, guidance and assistance that we received from Luke, was invaluable and set a high standard from the outset which we as the owners are extremely happy with and will strive to maintain. 


We highly recommend Luke’s service!


- Lauren Molson - Owner - Dapper Coffee Co, Bree Street Cape Town